Our Projects

Barn Conversion

Barn Conversion Godmanchester

For this project we created a new living area for the existing property.  We helped the clients from the design stage until final Building Regulations sign off. 

Double Story Extension - 1

Double Story Extension Brampton

One of my 1st ever builds, showing a Juliet balcony in the master bedroom and a large bi-fold door to the garden.  We changed the entire layout of this property apart from 2 of the bedrooms.

Double Story Extension - 2

double story extension cambridge

It is difficult to see the scale of this project but it was almost a full re-build.  This job had so many interesting ideas throughout and the final living space gained more than just a great layout, but a brilliant living space for the whole family.

Double Story Extension - 3

double story extension longstanton

This was a project I ended up doing for the sister of one of my 1st clients. I ended up working on their dad’s place also!  They have since referred me on so many projects that I am truly grateful for. It always amazes me how you can become part of the family for the short time you work on peoples homes, it’s a great perk to the job.

Double Story Extension - 4

double story extension hartford

So I have to admit – this is my house!  I am proud of the work we’ve done (it’s not quite as flash as my customer’s houses!) and it was a nice break from my normal routine. We’re really pleased with the outcome.

Double Story Extension - 5

double story extension buckden

This one of my favourite design and builds to date. The design brief was that they wanted a double storey extension off the back of their property. The challenge was ensuring the design and build was achievable for a set budget and provided the additional space for the clients. I have been working with Mathew Harbour from RML trusses for a number of years now and we pulled out all the stops on this one. We incorporated a W span truss to bridge the full width of the property at the rear. Please check out their website for more details. https://rmuk.co.uk/twin-ridge-elevation/

Double Story Extension - 6

double story extension Hemmingford Grey

Another great customer and challenge. This project is one of my biggest to date (unfortunately I was not involved in the initial design). I did however make some design changes during the build which I managed and did the drawings for as a non-material amendment which all kept the job in full swing without having to break off. We also had to remove the entire side of the house which took a lot of planning but it ended up being a great job.

Double Story Extension - 7

double story extension hartford

This was a job for one of my neighbours. The brick match was tricky but we found a supplier who now makes an alternate for a 1970s LBC Brindle Brick. It’s always beneficial to have connections in various places and my supplier Darren Kirton from Direct2Site http://www.direct2site.org/ has always been a great help with a wealth of experience in sourcing the right material at a reasonable price. This job was seamless with all windows and doors being delivered to site in 2-3 weeks respectively.

J. R. R. Tolkien Patio

dragon patio inspired by the Hobbit

Little did I know I would be replacing the current patio area where J.R.R Tolkien and Rupert Brooke would meet to critique their work. This is one of those jobs that not many people get the chance to be involved in. Yes – it’s a patio but this one pushes all the boundaries as far as patios go. I must admit when we started dismantling the original patio slabs that Rupert Brooke and J.R. Tolkien would sit on, under the same cherry tree, I did wonder if it was a moral sin (!) but the dragon brief from the architect was brilliant.  This project was awesome, even just sitting there on the lawns at lunch break in Grantchester, wondering what these two literary greats must have laughed about – inspired for sure.

Single Story Extension - 1

Single Story extension in huntingdon

This was a great design and build project. This project is in a conservation area of Huntingdon so the brief had a lot of detail. One of the best features of this job was the vaulted ceiling over the entire width of the extension. It was a fascinating build because the area we needed to dig was permeated with old broken bottles and pots and all sorts of rubbish people had buried over the past 100 years in the area.

Single Story Extension - 2

Single Story extension in Somersham

This was a small terrace single storey extension in Somersham. The challenge was primarily the location.  There was so much planning involved on this project. We had no on site parking, no where to accept deliveries, and the groundwork was difficult due to lack of access for diggers, trucks etc. Our solution was to use the driveway of a kind neighbour a bit further away and everything from then on ran smoothly.  The vaulted ceiling and the Velux windows created great light for a north facing extension.

Single Story Extension - 3

Single Story extension in Hemmingford Grey

This single storey extension incorporated a vaulted ceiling with 3 large roof lights and encompassed an area of 44 metres squared. The design approach I took with this one was a warm roof type construction with  a Firestone EPDM covering. This is a remarkable roof covering and Firestone’s show product is the Chicago airport in USA which has had the product on for 65 years, incredible really.

Double Garage - 1

Double Garage Hartford

A nice small project, this was finished off with 2 electric garage doors and full UPVC window and door. An interesting fact on Build Regulation sign off for Garages, is that if it is 36 metres square or smaller it is exempt from Building Regs.

Double Garage - 2

Double Garage huntingdon

This double garage had a few interesting features on it to resemble the house, like the buttress ends to the gable end walls and the soldier course along the top edge to the gable walls.